Games Cast
Tonight the guys talk about games, what they have been playing, from the newly released Uncharted 3 to Gears of War 3, Deus Ex, and much much more.
ep: 110
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Cheap Gaming
Dan brings it this week with many many ways to save some money and play some great games. That's right, find out how to keep gaming in this down economy. Also Justin and Chaz are on the show.
ep: 109
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Wampa Wampa, The Star Wars Cast!
Justin, Dan, and Chaz talk Star Wars!!! The new Blueray set came out this past week and they've got a lot to say.
ep: 108
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With the release of Deus Ex Human Revolution, Chaz, Dan, and Justin discuss body augmentation.

ep: 107
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Plexiglass Turtle Pants
Justin and Chaz dive into the dark and scary places in their minds and discuss their dreams, what influences them, and their favorite dream related media.
ep: 106
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Burning Ewok experiments with a single topic episode, the ZOMBISODE! That is right, this week, Justin, Dan and Chaz talk zombies; fast moving, slow moving, viral and non viral zombies, survival in a zombie apocalypse, and much much more. Let us eat your brains!
ep: 105
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